MLD will organize and design entire remodel, from recommending the right licensed contractor and expeditor for handling permits and managing the entire job to redesigning the floor plan. MLD will create the perfect home for you which can greatly increase the value of your home, whether it is a bathroom or kitchen remodel, or reimagining the entire home.


MLD will help you through the difficult task of creating a home that reflects your style and personality. Advising you on color and texture and creating a synergy throughout your space so your home flows perfectly. Sourcing or custom creating the perfect furnishings and finding unusual and one of a kind accessories. Our aim is to create a highly individual home that looks like no other. Fabrics from the UK, wallpaper from France,lighting from Africa, art from Brazil – what ever it takes from our library of international suppliers to find that ideal piece for you.We create perfect spaces either for you, your family or your business.