Mark Liddell Design pride themselves that they don’t just focus on one style of home but are as happy designing a Mid Century Modern as they are working on a classic Spanish home, Ranch, Edwardian or Contemporary.

Liddell has purposely lived in a wide array of homes, remodeling each one meticulously, moving 10 times in 10 years, to give himself a first-hand knowledge of the demands of various styles of architecture.

“it’s the same skill set as photographing people, whether I’m photographing Diana Ross or Britney Spears, the same rules apply to designing a home.” commented Liddell. “You capture the soul of the person in photography no matter of age, gender or race and in design you try to capture the soul of the client and adapting it to the design of their home.”

MLD Design love mixing styles and contrasting patterns in their aim to create a highly individual and original design for their clients. Careful use of lighting to create a warm and sensual environment and a sophisticated use of colors, inspired from years in the fashion industry, enhance their vision. The use of contrasting textures is important in creating balance for a space. No detail is left undone.

“We do not want to create a Museum where everything is too precious- our style is to create beauty with function- a home with warmth, elegance and originality.”