Mark Liddell was considered one of the top celebrity photographers and image makers in the world and was one of LA’s busiest interior designers. He has photographed over 500 international magazine covers of A-list Hollywood stars, including Halle Berry, Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz, Matthew McConaughey, Charlize Theron, Bradley Cooper, Kate Winslet, Will Smith, Beyonce, John Travolta, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett, and Jennifer Aniston. Liddell has also created the image for many iconic advertising campaigns and CD covers, in addition to directing music videos and TV commercials, for artists such as Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Avril Lavigne, Jewel, Sharon Stone, Janet Jackson, and Cindy Crawford.

Liddell has been featured in a documentary about his work for ProSieben TV in Germany and has appeared as the image expert on the hit show Miss America Reality Check for TLC and on Germany’s and Austria’s Next Top Model. He has also appeared numerous times on Extra, Access Hollywood, Eye on LA and NBC’s Open House.

He and his business partner, fellow designer, Raul Lamelas have been working together for the last 15 years. Lamelas, born in Cuba adds a fashionable eye to the design aesthetic at Blackhouse and specializes in the fine details and finishing touches.

In 2009, Liddell published his book Exposed to raise funds for the victims of domestic abuse. The book was launched, together with his first short film also entitled Exposed, in New York and Los Angeles at star-studded events hosted by Halle Berry and Jessica Alba.

Currently residing in Costa Rica, British designer, Mark Liddell has expanded his focus from photography and designing interiors of luxury homes in California, to creating luxury interiors in the beauty of Costa Rica. Having lived in several major cities across the globe, including Milan, London, New York, and Sydney, his design is characterized by a sophisticated and international “world eclectic” look. He has designed interiors of multimillion dollar homes—from London to the Hollywood Hills, and now in Costa Rica.

Blackhouse have joined forces with MWMM Architecture in Costa Rica to create a one stop service, to create  stunning architecture and design that work together seamlessly, and are currently working on multiple projects together.


Blackhouse (MLD Design) Pure Genius! From the second we first met I knew the redesign of my new home was in the best of hands. Mark and Raul knew exactly how to bring light and warmth into my home, updating the lines but retaining the original charming feel of the house. Moving from the architecture phase into the design phase was such a wonderful adventure. They effortlessly presented design options on a great website, allowing me to make my own choices that all worked together so beautifully. We collaborated throughout the whole decision-making process, and the move swiftly which was so appreciated! It all came together like magic in a show stopping, yet very livable and comfortable jewel of a house. Their sensational pool design was the perfect finale. I have never been prouder to entertain in my home. The best part of all is working with Mark and Raul. They are so much fun – you never want it to end.

Mark and Raul of Blackhouse (MLD design) were absolutely fabulous to work with.  I was blown away by their innate ability to create original, unique and tailored elements reflecting my personal taste, lifestyle and personality.  They truly made a house into a gorgeous “home sweet home” for me!

Captivating wall art from the bathroom to the living room evokes emotions of calmness and happiness that really transform the house!  The curved wood stool, the top grain leather armchairs, the pleated dining chairs, and the over-dyed purple rug making an eclectic mix of clean lines with pops of color, vintage and modernity, with a touch of global inspiration.   It’s all evidence of their remarkable knowledge of mixing colors, texture and paying attention to details, their ability to create warm, inviting spaces that are awe-inspiring work of art while still representing my vision.  It was an awesome experience working with so much talent.  Thank you for making our home a dream come true.

When Douglas Elliman moved its Pasadena office into the new office tower at 70 Lake Avenue, it made sense for us to select a design firm with a reputation for epitomizing the refined elegance of the City of Roses. Mark Liddell seamlessly joined the necessities of contemporary office design with a warm and sophisticated domestic vibe that resonates with our agents and their clients. We are thrilled with the results, and we unreservedly recommend Blackhouse (Mark Liddell Design) to anyone wanting to strike the same notes in their home or work settings. We look forward to working with you again, Mark and Raul!

I love my new home! Well, it isn’t new, but it feels that way after Mark and Raul finished with it! I gave them a difficult task: take some of my old English gothic antiques and make them work in my new, modern, Thai inspired home. For me, it was very difficult to imagine how they could do it, but they did! Taking my carved antiques and adding lovely, modern wood and glass pieces which they then layered them with lots of neutral colors and textures to truly transform the space! Finally, they added splashes of color to tie it all together and making the 35-foot ceilinged room look bright, light, welcoming and completely unique!

It was love at first sight! The first time Mark and Raul walked through my front door I knew I would be working with them for a very long time. They are the kindest men, the best listeners, the keenest observers of our family life and the most realistic budgeters I’ve ever worked with! I wanted something new and younger looking for my 1932 English Country home. Wow! Their presentation consisted of fabric, color and pattern combinations that amazed me and frankly, scared me, in a fun way! It was wonderful to see the rooms come together and still be traditional and timeless but with a wonderful twist. Blackhouse (MLD) is and will always be my design firm.

The house is a work of art. The open concept design with the brand-new (and top quality) kitchen is breathtaking. The three new bathrooms are 5-star hotel quality. Everything is perfect in every way. The team of Blackhouse (MLD)them made exceeded our expectations. The highest compliment I can pay you is that you literally made our dreams come true! Thank you for treating us so kindly and respectfully. The communication we had with them made the project so smooth and stress-free for us I can’t thank you enough.

We contacted Mark and his team because we wanted to transform part of our LA office into a showroom. “Transform” is really putting it lightly. We needed a miracle – the space that we were allotting to the project was so horrific that I almost didn’t even think the project was possible. Mark put those fears to rest immediately and had a vision for the space from day one. Once we moved ahead, his team got everything done faster than I ever thought possible. The project was completed at cost and ahead of schedule; the results were better than we ever could have hoped!

Mark is my “go to” designer-whether the space is residential, commercial, or an investment. Blackhouse (MLD Design) delivers professional, practical, and beautiful design services every time. Mark does what every great designer should-he listens and understands what his clients want. Just as important, he’s not afraid to tell them what they don’t want to hear!

Mark and Raul managed all the details of our major remodel from planning to supervising our contractor to furnishing and made it an easy stress-free process with beautiful results!

What a pleasure it is to work with the team at Blackhouse (MLD Design) They are honest, easy to work with, budget conscious, and make sure quality work is completed on time. The team has great vision and are up to date with the current trends of home design. It is very evident they love what they do!

Mark and Raul brought our dream house to life! We felt at ease throughout the process knowing how much we trusted their artistic vision and expertise. They patiently guided us through so many decisions and really captured our style. We are thrilled with the results.

Thank you for your excellent advice regarding preparing our property for sale. We had an excellent immediate response, got a bidding war and got a price over asking. We are very grateful.

I launched a renovation quite naively. My highly touted architect created a layout that looked good on paper but neglected so many functional issues, I lost faith in his design. I fired my Architect.

Enter Blackhouse (MLD), design problem-solvers and visionaries who rescued me beyond belief! They not only redesigned my kitchen and bathrooms—tough because of the original structure of the house; (a puzzle that 4 contracted professionals couldn’t solve) They also enhanced the architect’s original concepts for fixtures, decks, color, tiling, lighting and finish themes in ways I couldn’t imagine. Mark and Raul have the experience, confidence, decisiveness, and high-touch communication skills that enabled me to hand the whole project over to them. Every element came out so much better than I thought possible!

I feel so fortunate to have had their help. My new house is the best investment of my life, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the timely and successful rescue by Blackhouse (MLD).

I got my Appraisal back; it came out so high that my house value now sets the standard for price/square foot on my block!

When we set out to do a major remodel of our home, the most important part of that process was, in our mind, to find someone with the right ideas and vision. Anyone can build something, and there are a lot of talented people out there, but not everyone has that unique eye for creative design. Prior to meeting withBlackhouse (MLD) we did a bit of research on them and when we met with Mark and Raul, we were sold on them on the spot. From the design to the budget conscious approach, to the highly impressive coordination of the various crews it takes to complete a home project, our remodel was basically done to perfection. Now, we have a home that surpasses our dreams. The modern style and open floor plan concept have greatly enhanced the quality of our life! We strongly recommend that anyone considering a home renovation should consider Blackhouse (Mark Liddell Design)!

I was once embarrassed by visitors seeing our kitchen. Thanks to the brilliant work of Blackhouse (MLD), now I welcome them! The joys of cooking with my kids, the comfort and style of entertaining guests. These were all well thought through choices that Blackhouse (MLD) created and brought to life.

Working with Mark, Raul and their excellent craftsman has been a pleasure. Our kitchen & bath remodel have been hassle free, thanks to their keen design style and well organized system of managing all the details. From raising the ceiling to the size our dog food bowls, no detail was left out.

Our experience with Blackhouse (MLD) was excellent. Blackhouse (MLD) delivered on every one of our goals! The finished project has elicited gasps from everyone who has seen it. The space is both dramatic and sophisticated, with a subtle and unifying sense of style connecting all of the various spaces. The Blackhouse (MLD) team was fun and personable while maintaining the highest level of professionalism in communication and service delivery.

The design process was also excellent. Our Blackhouse (MLD design) team had an image for the space and provided a conceptual vision that we never would have found on our own. At the same time, they did an excellent job of listening to our preferences and providing a range of choices that allowed for a space which looks amazing while still reflecting our own style and preferences. We would absolutely recommend MLD. We saw excellent work in terms of process, design sense, professionalism, and value…and we ended up with the space that we love!

Mark and Raul are amazing individuals! When I got my new property with the help of Tim Durkovic, I had no idea what to do with some of the odd spaces. Mark was able to come in and completely assuage my worries with his wonderful designer’s eye. He completely understood my design aesthetic and was able to expand on it. Raul was constantly on top of everything and always organized. Every single question I had during the process was answered immediately. Choosing the furniture and decor with Mark and Raul was such a joy! Raul made sure deliveries and furniture placement were always seamless. Nothing can describe the feeling I had when I stepped into my new home full furnished and decorated, and it’s all thanks to these guys. They made my new home feel like my home. Mark and Raul are flat out superb at their jobs!!

I know it’s the weekend…but I LOVE everything and couldn’t wait to tell you. You are a genius…OMG…seriously it’s amazing!

Blackhouse (MLD) has a vision and style that is incredibly unique to the world of design. Their method of blending colors, textures, and styles turns any space they touch on into a world of clean sophistication that sparks wonder and ignites the imagination. They have helped elevate our business beyond anything we could have dreamed of. Their attention to detail and unwavering demand for perfection shows just how passionate they are about their craft. They are the premier designers for all our projects.

Blackhouse (MLD) are unbelievably talented and extremely detail oriented. They are on top of deadlines and very helpful in the oversight of the execution of their designs. They also bring great vision to the home’s layout and floor plans. To watch as their designs take shape and then come to together so perfectly in the end is a real joy. They have helped us create beautiful homes with a level of design that leads to the properties always being in high demand. We are so thankful to be able to work with them on our projects and look forward to many more collaborations in the future.

We have used Blackhouse (MLD) twice now for the design of our home. Once was for a major remodel, and the other being the most recent to help us design our outdoor space, and some of our living spaces. They are professional, prompt, and ALWAYS communicate. My wife and I always are amazed at how they think of every little detail. Each space they design is not only beautiful but also functional. Above all, Mark and Raul are good people and treat everyone with kindness. We are clients for life and could not recommend MLD design more for any project big or small.