Liddell grew up on the beach and in the hills of Jamaica before moving to the UK. It is only natural that nature and his love of the outdoors inspire his design. As a photographer, Liddell was heavily involved in the world of fashion, having lived in Milan, the fashion capital of the world, where he created campaigns for Gianni Versace and Fendi, amongst others. As a result, he became very aware of fabric, pattern, and color and how to put them together in a unique way to create iconic images. Liddell is fascinated by simple ethnic patterns that he likes to use to accessorize or for dramatic impact on tiles in bathrooms or fireplaces.

Color has always been around him, from choosing eye shadows and lipsticks to nail colors for the latest magazine cover of the biggest Hollywood stars. As an interior designer, he has honed his color range down to a very distinct palette based on nature’s elements.

MLD works with peaceful and sophisticated colors that seamlessly play off each other. Liddell is famous for his beautiful lighting, always enhancing his subject with his clever use of light. He does the same for your home, helping create different moods for each room and making sure the landscape lighting outside is equally beautiful. The use of texture is also very important in creating contrast, depth, and balance; as such, MLD mixes wood, stone, and glass in its design aesthetic to help achieve a warm and sensual environment.

Every detail is highly visual in Liddell’s world of design.